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October 2010 -  Entrepreneurship Seminar by Naem Zafar

June 2009 - IT seminar in Pakistan (Behria University / NED University)

May 31st, 2009

Pakistani American Network of Science and Engineering Professional (PANSEP) organized a distinguished speaker forum last Sunday at the Chandler Public Library. Over 40 people of various engineering disciplines attended this elegant gathering. 

Syed Nasir Raza moderated the program. He started by introducing Ahmer Syed who currently leads the PANSEP organization. The additional executive board members are Asad Khan, Nasir Raza and Uzair Qureshi.  

Ahmer gave a brief overview of PANSEP, its mission and objectives. He also outlined the accomplishments of this young organization which is now in its second year.  

Arif Kazmi talked about his plans to contest for the election of the Municipal Corporation Central Arizona Water District.  He emphasized on the need to take a first step towards the election process so as to pave a way for greater participation by the future generation.   

The keynote speaker was Muhammad Raghib Hussain, the CTO and co-founder of Cavium Networks.  

Raghib Hussain in his presentation gave a brief background of Cavium Networks, its products and its financial standing.  Cavium Networks was a start-up company in the Bay area co-founded by Raghib Hussain. The company specializes in Network processor. It is now a successful public company (NASDAQ: CAVM) with strong earnings.  

Raghib described the key elements and attributes needed to be a successful start-up. Hard work, discipline, self-esteem and team core competency are few of the factors. With the innovation in architecture, the team was able to put together a solution competitive in price and performance.  

Raghib also shared his experience on how to start a company. He discussed the funding process and what venture capitalists look for a successful start-up. He opened the forum for an interactive session with the audience. This was an enlightening session with intelligent questions and answers. 

In conclusion, this was a refreshing experience for the engineering professionals in the valley who got exposed to the success story of a fellow Pakistani American living his dream in this land of opportunity.   

February 13, 2009

Ahmer Syed, President of PANSEP and VP of Mechanical Engineering at Amkor Technology, presented on Electronic Equipment Manufacturing at NED University, Pakistan. The seminar was attended by more than 100 students and faculty. PANSEP wishes to thank Ahmad Ali of NED Alumni Association in CA, Dr. Fakhir Hassani, Chairman of Mechanical ENgineering Dept at NED, and Dr. Amber Afshan asst. professor at NED for arranging this seminar. 

December 14, 2008 

The Pakistani American Network of Science & Engineering Professionals (PANSEP) and Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America -Arizona Chapter (APPNA-AZ) organized a very successful networking event at Mesa Hilton.

This was a joint program aimed at building a network among physicians, IT professionals, Engineers and educators living in the Phoenix metropolitan area as well as within the state of Arizona.  

APPNA Technical Session

The APPNA session started at 1:30 pm. Dr. Asim Khwaja, the current president welcomed the audience. This was followed by the annual reports of the Executive Council.  Dr. Azhar Jan presented the Treasury Report.  Dr. Taqi Azam presented the Secretary Report and Dr. Asim Khwaja presented the President report.

Asim Khwaja then gave an update on the ISPU (Institute for Social Policy and Understanding) pilot research project of Muslim physician’s positive impact on local communities in rural and urban areas of the United States. 

This was followed by an update on the free clinic in Phoenix. Physicians volunteer their services to the community at large and to the community every Saturday morning at the Cultural Cup Food Bank. 

PANSEP Technical Session

The PANSEP program started concurrently at 1:30 pm. About 60 people gathered in the PANSEP room to listen to various presenters belonging to various engineering disciplines.  

Nasir Raza, one of the board members of PANSEP and a civil engineer by profession, served as a moderator and the timekeeper. He went around the room and let each attendee introduce themselves along with what the participants were hoping to achieve in the networking session. 

PANSEP Introduced by Ahmer Syed, President of PANSEP Ahmer talked briefly about the mission of PANSEP emphasizing the role of networking in today’s job market. Ahmer is the Vice President of Mechanical and Thermal engineering in Amkor technology. 

Biosensor Development by Lubna AhmedLubna Ahmed enlightened the audience by her crisp presentation on bioengineering, specifically in the area of biosensor development. She kept the audience engaged by asking questions highlighting key takeaway messages for the young adults in the audience. Lubna is close to completing her Ph.D degree in bioengineering. 

Smart Phones by Asad KhanAsad Khan, who works in Intel as a senior staff engineer, holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering. He gave a presentation on smart phone technology discussing various components of the smart phone and its next generation architecture. 

MBA and Engineers by Uzair Qureshi and Shahid PervezUzair Qureshi, a senior technical marketing engineer, who works for Intel and currently doing his executive MBA, gave a talk on careers with Engineering and MBA degrees. He talked about various types of MBA opportunities available to people with technical backgrounds. Career enhancements vary depending upon the type of an MBA degree. Shahid Pervez, who recently completed his executive MBA, also gave a presentation on MBA related topics. He broadly described the benefits of an executive MBA in terms of networking, mentors and faculty resources. 

IT and Business Process Management by Mohammed Bilal SiddiquiMohammed Bilal Siddiqui, an IT professional working for Motorola, gave a presentation on business process management and its impact on the bottom line of any company. Bilal also teaches in the Gilbert Community college. 

Healthcare Careers for Scientists and Engineers by Dr. Tariq MianDr. Tariq Mian gave a lecture on various types of healthcare careers focusing on the benefits and growth potential of this field. There are 600 types of health care careers to choose. He directed the young audience interested in pursuing the healthcare profession to talk to the people in this business and use internet as a resource to gather information. This is one of few areas where hiring is still going on. Tariq Mian has a Ph.D. and a M.S. in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Texas. 

Joint PANSEP-APPNA Evening Social Session

The evening session started with Quranic recitation by Qasim Rahman.

Shazia Malik, the master of ceremony, welcomed the guests and recognized the VIPs.

Ahmer Syed, president of PANSEP, briefly talked about PANSEP and thanked all the volunteers and the presenters of the networking session.

Asim Khwaja, the president of APPNA-AZ, thanked the volunteers.

After the dinner was served, the keynote speaker Dr. Brian Gratton (ASU Prof. of History), gave a presentation on Four Hundred Years of Immigration to America: Ethnicity, Public Opinion and Policy, 1607 to 2008.

The presentation provided a historical perspective of immigration, an issue close to every body’s heart. It captivated the audience till the very end.  

The night ended with a musical concert by Hanif Noormohamed and the L.A. Supremes Band. The audience enjoyed the nostalgic songs by all time favorite singers of the sixties and seventies era. The tabla player Deepak received a lot of applause for his performances on semi classical songs by Hanif. 

Over 280 guests attended the banquet event.  Congratulations to APPNA and PANSEP teams for a flawless execution of a highly impactful event that brought together the professionals within our community under one roof. This has raised the bar of excellence for the future community events.

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